Major Themes of ETBWC 2017

  • Organic waste sources and recycling trends in India and other developing countries
  • Biotechnology and molecular engineering for waste conversion
  • Biomass to fuels and chemicals/biochemicals
  • Bioenergy and biorefineries
  • Industrial bioprocesses and products
  • Greenhouse gas emissions and mitigations in waste management sectors
  • Integrated biotechnologies for novel product developments
  • Decontamination of emerging/persistent organic pollutants and their fate
  • Nano technology and its applications in waste treatment
  • Bio-electro and bio-magnetic technology for energy or fuels
  • Bio-instrumentation in waste management
  • Industrial bio-engineering and process scale-up


Council of Scientific and Industrial Research


CSIR - National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur


The Biotech Research Society, India